Botanical Gardens

The Government Botanical gardens, was laid out in 1847.The picturesque gardens that are maintained by the Horticulture department of the state, cover an area of about 22 hectares. The Gardens have well over 650 species of plants and trees, including a fossil of a tree, which is believed to be more than 20 million years old. The garden is very popular with nature lovers and those who long to walk among greenery and see rare ferns and shrubs up close.

Pykara Falls & Pykara Boat House

Pykara is a river located at 19 km from ooty. It starts at Mukurthi Peak and flows though hilly area. The river flows through a series of cascades and the last two falls of 55Meter and 61 Meters are known as Pykara Falls. There is a forest Rest House at Pykara. The water from falls fills a Dam and there is a boat house in the Dam called Pykara Boat House


An Arboretum is a collection of trees. Ooty Arboretum is very near to Ooty bus stand. It is a quiet and very well maintained tree park. This is a less popular tourist spot, but very impressive to natural lovers.

Ooty Lake

This is an artificial lake built by John Sullivan. It used to be much larger than its present size of 4 km2. It is 2.5 km long and encompassed the present bus stand and race course as well as much of the present market. Boating is the major attraction at the lake. The boat ride allows visitors to enjoy the serene environment at a laid-back pace. The lake is bound by grooves of eucalyptus trees which augment the scenic beauty of the area. Next to the lake there is a Mini Garden with an amusement park for children.

Centenary Rose Garden

In the heart of Ooty town, this garden has been beautifully laid out in terraces with rose tunnels, pergolas and bowers with rose creepers. Today this garden has the largest collections of roses in the country — hybrid tea roses, miniature rose, floribunda, ramblers, roses of unusual colours like black and green — some of the more than 3,000 varieties of roses.

Dolphin Nose

Is an enormous rock formation that is entirely unique. The protruding rock formation looks exactly like what it is named after, a dolphin's nose. It takes some effort to climb to the top of this rock outcropping, but the views are absolutely worth the hard work. There are gigantic ravines found both to the left and right of Dolphin's Nose. In one of the ravine's you can clearly see the awe inspiring Catherine Falls with its continuing stream several thousand meters below. In the other ravine, you can spot where the Coonoor stream meets the Kotagiri stream. Both streams that are contained within these two ravines ultimately feed the Bhavani River which is located a relatively short distance away opposite of the Dolphin's Nose.

Cine Shooting Spot

It is located at a distance of 10KM from Ooty Bus stand. It is a picnic spot and a film shooting spot on the slopes of the Wenlock Downs. The panoramic view of Kamaraj Sagar Dam (also called Sandynalla reservoir) can be viewed from this picnic spot.


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